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What is IPTV ?

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is a service that delivers television programs and video content on demand over IP networks, as opposed to cable or satellite television signals.

How to benefit from IPTV ?

It's very simple and only takes a few steps to set up IPTV service with your device. If you're new, there are many websites or YouTube videos that can show you how in minutes. Otherwise we have added to this page a detailed installation guide valid for the different devices. If you have an installation problem or questions, our team will be happy to help you upon subscription

What types of devices are supported ?

Our IPTV service works on the majority of devices, including smart TVs, computers, phones, tablets...

How long does it take to activate my subscription ?

This is normally done within a few minutes most of the time. You will receive an email which contains your login information (username, password...)

Can I use my subscription on multiple devices ?

Please note that your subscription can be used on multiple devices, but you can only watch on 1 device at a time

Can I watch local sports and news in my area?

Yes, local and national channels are available to watch live news in your area. Likewise, you can follow international events on different global channels.

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configuration steps

How it works ?

In this tutorial we offer the simplest, fastest and most efficient method for setting up your IPTV subscription on all your devices in three simple steps.


Une fois abonner à l’un de nos forfait, vous recevrez vos information de connexion sur votre boîte e-mail : Nom d’utilisateur, mot de passe, lien d’identification


Téléchargez sur votre appareil l’application IPTV Smarters depuis :
   ~  L’App store/Play store sur votre smartphone
   ~  Le site web : www.iptvsmarters.com sur votre PC/MAC ou votre Smart TV


Remplissez vos informations de connexion et Voilà ! Profitez de la liberté de regarder ce que vous voulez, où que vous soyez, sans aucun souci

The method proposed in this tutorial is only a suggestion to help you configure your subscription if you are a beginner. If you would like to use another method, simply contact us and our team will be happy to help you configure your subscription the way you want