//Terms and conditions

Usage, Warranty, and Refund

Terms of use


Rebroadcasting our streaming services is against our terms of service, our system can detect any suspicious behavior, it will automatically ban your IP address and cancel your subscription without refund. Please do not share your subscription credentials with anyone, to avoid any problems. In case a subscription is detected as being used by 2 different IPs, it will be automatically blocked (contact us for more help).


Product Guarantees


The products have a 12-month warranty period during which IPTV 4K Subscription will replace or compensate for any damage or product malfunction caused by the product.


Our refund policy


  • As a customer we offer you a 6 hour trial so you can test our channels and make sure we have the channels you need, so before purchasing please take advantage of the free trial. Once the order is confirmed and the account is activated, we still offer a period of 48 hours to take advantage of the money-back guarantee. After this period the customer is no longer eligible for a refund.
  • We also offer a money back guarantee for each of our products if it is defective or does not perform as promised:
  • If we are unable to deliver for any reason, we will refund you in full;
    If you received an incorrect product, or the key code has not been activated, a refund/replacement is possible;
    If the key code cannot be activated for some unknown reason, a refund/replacement is possible.
    Note that you must notify us within 48 hours of the purchase date and we will process your refund/replacement.
  • However, before requesting a refund, we encourage you to do the following:
  • Visit the “Help” page. You may be able to find an answer that will help you use your product better;
    Contact our support team with your problem description along with screenshots or photos to give us a clear idea to assess the situation. Our support does its best to provide a quick solution to all your problems;
    In rare circumstances, if the above solutions do not work for you, simply contact us within 48 hours of your purchase and we will refund you. When requesting your money back, please tell us why you want to stop using our product or service, and if there is anything we can do.